The Best Year Yet – Plus Some Personal Goal Examples

2019 is here, which means the New Years resolutions are flying around like crazy. Lose weight, start a business, stop smoking, go outside more, etc. All of these are great (seriously though, if you smoke, please stop), but how can you really make this the best year yet? Setting realistic small goals. Let’s talk about goal-setting, and go into some personal goal examples.

Structure Your Goals

To be completely honest, I’ve join the club and said things like “this year I’m going to lose a ton of weight and it’s going to solve all my problems.” I believe it was 2011 when I lost 40 pounds, but guess what? The problems stayed.

Does that mean I think losing weight is not a good goal? Or do I regret having lost that weight? No and definitely not. What I’m saying is, I made that goal at the beginning of the year, and it consumed me for months. There was no structure to my goal. It was simply “lose weight.”

I’m a goal-oriented person, so I did whatever I could to lose that weight. I stayed home instead of going out to eat with my friends, I went for two hour long walks on top of the hour I’d spend at the gym, I’d skip breakfast (even sometimes dinner), and my weight was all I thought about all day.

Did I lose the weight? Yes, but did I sacrifice my quality of life for it? Also yes. Goals need to have structure. Maybe if I would’ve said “I’m going to eat clean for at least 60 days” or “I’m going to work out once a day,” then I still would’ve felt accomplished, while losing some weight along the way.

Personal Goal Examples With Structure:

“January I’m going to cut out fast food”

“February I’m going to ease up on carbs”

“March I’m going to go on a nature walk at least twice a week”

Show Your Goals Some Positivity

Most times when people set goals for themselves, their reasoning involves some sort of negativity. For instance, “I’m going to lose weight because I hate being fat.” (Just to be clear, I do not condone that kind of talk, I 100% believe in body positivity and am simply using this as an example taken from my own personal past and experience) Another example would be something like “I’m going to plan out my week better because I’m lazy”

This type of goal-setting is counter intuitive and may set you up for failure. In essence you are saying that you need to set a goal to change because you’re not good enough. The danger here is having the fact that some type of negativity will always be stuck with that goal. Subconsciously, you will constantly be hearing that negative talk every time you set out to reach that goal. Try a Little Positivity.

Personal Goal Examples With Positivity:

“Even though I’m perfectly fine the way I am, I’m going to work on eating healthier so I have more energy to do the things I love”

“I’m going to try a new skincare routine because who doesn’t love an awesome summer glow”

“I’m going to work on planning ahead so I can spend more time with my family relaxing and doing what we love”

Goals With An End Date

Personally, I think that planning a goal with an end date helps you have something to look forward to. You may think this won’t apply to all goals because there are some that you want to keep going and going, like an energizer bunny goal. But I believe you can still apply this guideline.

For instance, let’s say you have a goal to eat healthier, and of course you want that to be forever. One way, you can “set an end date” is to give yourself milestones. So I want to stick to this way of eating at least until the end of the month, as the end of the month approaches you extend it because you know you can keep going, and you continue extending it until you don’t have to think about milestones or you can make them longer.

Remember to celebrate reaching each milestone. If it’s a healthier diet, I don’t suggest celebrating with cake haha, maybe a new outfit! By following this method, you may discover strength that will continue fueling your goal through each milestone!

Personal Goal Examples With An End Date:

“I’m going to blog every other day for the rest of the month”

“I’m going to eat strictly keto until February 15th”

“I’m going to start every morning with positive affirmations for the next 30 days”

On With the Goal Planning

I believe in goal setting, and it’s ability to help each and every one of us with self improvement. However, I also have been in situations where the method I used to set goals only sabotaged me, leaving me worse off than when I began. The way you do it is so important. So be sure to lookout for yourself in the process!

What are some goals you have set for yourself to make this year the best one yet?

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips – Get Productive Through Minimalism

Minimalism is quickly picking up pace these days. I’m sure I’m not the only one that binge watched Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix after it came out. As she says, there’s just something that “sparks joy” when you have less to worry about. In a way, tidying up directly correlates with productivity. So here are my minimalist lifestyle tips to increase productivity.

Get Rid of the Clutter

If you’re anything like me, clutter weighs on your mind. All day long I have a list of about 30 things that I would absolutely love to get done by the end of the day. Unfortunately, this means that I have 30 things weighing down my productivity all day long.

Imagine you’re at work at your computer, and you open up a new tab online. You are about the visit a website that is going to help you get one of your biggest tasks for the day done. BUT you also have 30 other tabs open. So, you have your #1 tab, but you keep looking at other tabs and thinking “oh I better click back over to this to keep reading this blog” or “I better just go back to this one to see if I can find that back pillow on Amazon.” At what point are you going to accomplish your main goal for that day?

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips
This isn’t to say that you won’t accomplish that goal, it’s just saying that it may take so much longer to accomplish that goal. What if you could close out at least 20 of those tabs. In a way, your home, and your work space, is your daily internet browser, and you just can’t have that many tabs open if you want to be truly productive. It may take a couple weeks but you have to close out some of those tabs, so you can focus on better tasks without so much stress.

Clear out the clutter one mess at a time. Make piles and different categories and go to work. One pile of all of your clothes, one pile for each room: kitchen, living room, bedrooms, papers/office, etc. One thing I learned from Rachel Jones, The Joyful Space Specialist is when it comes to decluttering, you have to go big. This means you shouldn’t go easy on your giant pile of stuff. Begin the process of getting rid of things you don’t use regularly, things that are not useful to you, and just keep going. You’ll be surprised how light you’ll feel when this process is over.

Focus on Key Tasks

Minimalism is also a mindset. It’s more than decluttering your physical things, it’s declittering your to-do list as well. Most of this comes along with decluttering your home because you’ll find that with less possession comes less chores.

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips
When it comes to your daily tasks, try not to accomplish everything in one day. Focus on key tasks for that day. This means choosing one day per week when you will sit down and go over your planner for the week. Try to give yourself two big tasks for each day, a couple daily tasks, and just a few minor tasks (I.e. put out one tweet for your business, pin five ideas to your productivity board on Pinterest throughout the day, etc.) If you can, get the daily tasks out of the way first thing in the morning, for instance a quick journal entry, a work out, or responding to emails. Then tackle the big tasks like going through a list of work calls, completing a work project, or writing a blog post or two. Then go for those minor tasks. When you minimize your tasks list every day, you are able to devote more time to quality, to yourself, and to the ones you love.

Here’s a tip: include some sort of self care or “me time” in those major tasks. Being productive includes not making yourself run on fumes.

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips

Minimize Your Daily Routine

Speaking of self-care, let’s talk about our daily routines. Now, at first glance, you may start to think that this is directed only at women. It’s not. Yes, I’m going to touch on makeup, but it’s more than that. Some people just have makeup as part of their daily routine. Let’s get makeup out of the way.
This was me before I decided to join the minimalist club: I would buy makeup because it looked “interesting,” probably because I had just seen some Instagram video of someone applying the same piece of makeup oh-so-perfectly. Next thing I know, I have a sparkly blush, two extra concealers, and two diff colors of eyeliner all part of my collection. I use none of it. The thing is, I’m not one of those skilled makeup artists, and I thought I’d just save that makeup for a special occasion, but the special occasion comes and I don’t know exactly how to use it, it becomes a mess.

Moral of the story is if you’re not someone who is going to go through the whole 30-step process for your daily look, just keep it to a minimum. Don’t buy that extra stuff, and keep it to the few things that you will use. Imagine how much time you’ll save if you keep that part of your routine to a minimum. Personally, I prime, put foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and use the same stick for my cheeks and my lips, done deal.

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips
What about your morning routine. How many face washes, moisturizers, masks, scrubs, I can go on and on. The occasional mask is good, but why own 20 when you don’t use a mask every day? Declutter all the extra toiletries taking up space in your bathroom. Keep your daily routine simple, don’t keep so many extra bells and whistles if you’re hardly going to use them. What if your morning routine could be a quick 10 minutes, including makeup? What else would you have time for?

Avoiding “Shiny Object Syndrome”

I like to consider myself an entrepreneur, and I see a rise in the entrepreneur spirit in our day. Everyone is trying to better themselves, work for themselves, gain freedom and a work/life balance. That is amazing! And there’s room for all of up here. But you will never achieve your ultimate goal if you are constantly distracted with the “next big promise.”

Now you’re asking “what does this have to do with Minimalism?” Quite a bit. First, let me give you an example of shiny object syndrome. You decided that you wanted to make money online, you go on Google and say “hey Google, How do I make money online?” Google says, “here’s a bunch of people that think they know the best way to do that, pick one.” But you’re reading through all these pages claiming “this is the step by step action plan to make $10k in two months.” And you are thinking that’s incredible and you want to get in on that.

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips
Now, you’ve signed up, you’re getting emails and your about to invest in their course, but at the top of your email there’s a little banner that says “don’t take any other course, I’m going to tell you how I made 15k in two months selling courses.” You’re impressed, you click, you sign up and you get more emails. On their website you see another ad, and all of a sudden ads are popping up on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. At this point, you’ve opted into ten different email lists, and you don’t know who is really going to lead you to success.
How much time have you wasted on these people up to this point? Too much. All you want is to start working towards your goal, but at this point you’re further behind, possibly even out some money. Minimalism, once again, is your mindset. My advice is this: stay away from the “new kids on the block.” These are people that are new to the scene of paid training. Free training? Sure, get as much as you want, but if someone is asking you to pay them so they can give you their “ultimate formula to making money,” see to it that they have years under their belt, and are established in this world. Do your due diligence and research them. Find one training, and stick to that one.

I enjoy the training I get because the owners have almost 14 years of experience, they’ve built this incredible online empire complete with a unique community of entrepreneurs. I know that this isn’t the only training I’ll need to build an online business. This saves me so much time because I don’t bother looking at all the ads that cross my path, more time to accomplish my key tasks.
Minimalist Lifestyle Tips

What Now…

Make your first pile and get to work. To get started, I suggest this Jumpstart to Declutter Your Home. Once you have the weight of your cluttered home, get to work on your goals. Maybe start training by my side to work on our online businesses, and let’s be more productive. What do you look forward to in your new minimalist lifestyle?

Is AppCoiner A Scam? Don’t Pay For Anything Before Reading This

AppCoiner Overview

AppCoiner is a platform that claims you can make money by downloading an app, and writing a review online. Then they will monetize the review for you, allowing you to make money. Sounds a little too good to be true right? So, is AppCoiner a scam?

On the forefront, it makes a lot of sense. App creators love reviews, which is why a lot of times when you are using an app, a little prompt will appear asking if you love it, and then it will ask you to leave a review in the App Store. Happens to me every day.

When you’re looking over the sales page for AppCoiner, you may get the feeling that it’s no more than a regular survey website. A lot of survey sites are pretty legit, so this may or may not comfort you a bit. On top of that, they have a nifty little calculator showing the earning potential, and it shows that you can potentially make $15 per review.

It’s a great sales page, but it leaves a lot to the imagination. They don’t go to far into detail about how you’ll make the money, where exactly you’ll leave the review, or the reality about how much you can earn. Let’s go into some pros and cons about this website.

The Good & the Bad

This is a little unusual but I’m going to flip this section around, usually I do good then bad, but I feel the need to discuss the bad first.

The Bad:

A Little Misleading, AppCoiner gives you this idea that you’ll simply be reviewing these apps through their platform, and somehow making money from the developer of the app. In reality, you are writing these reviews on your own website. I say “your own” website, but really it’s a sub domain. (I.e.

Their claim of monetizing your review is also a little shady itself. The only way that they actually do this is by placing ads on the page that you write your review. Essentially they create a small-time affiliate marketing website for you, and you place your reviews on it. This is misleading, and also has low earning potential.

Reason number one: sub domains have a harder time ranking on search websites. (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) Reason number two: there is honestly no way of knowing how much you’ll make per review. It all depends on how much you sell through the affiliate links, IF you sell anything.

If you honestly want to go the affiliate marketing route, I recommend training platforms like Wealthy Affiliate, and/or seasoned trainers like Frank Hatchett. They can show you how to pick a valuable niche and create a money making website on your own.

They also charge up front for a membership. There are a few sketchy things that stand out to me when it comes to how much they charge. For one thing the sales page shows a price of $47, but then says some pitch about how reviews are in high demand for your country, and because of that they’re willing to give you a $20 discount, knocking the price down to $27. But THEN as you’re leaving the website it says that it will offer it to you for $17. Also, after you put in your email, it will offer you the $17 price via email.

Is it possible that’s just how they value it, and if you’re paying the $27, you just paid more for no reason? It feels that way to me. They also say that you’re paying up front because they care so much about you and put a lot of money into setting up your website, which again, is a sub domain. It’s not really even YOUR website. As a general rule of thumb, be very careful about ever paying for something up front.

The Good:

You can potentially make money. Here’s why: Affiliate marketing is very real, and it is a proven method to make money online. You can review products, potentially driving sales to a product, and earn yourself commissions. You may not make as much money as they are having you believe on their nifty earnings calculator, but a few dollars here and there may be possible. You also probably won’t see commissions right away, but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever see them.

It says you don’t need to be a good writer, but if you are a good write, you have a higher chance at making more money. This is true because you will likely be able to create more quality content, which means you may actually rank and you could potentially make money. I wouldn’t say you could make a full-time income, but it could be a good side hustle.

Who is AppCoiner For?

AppCoiner is geared towards those looking to make money online. I should say it’s really targeted at those looking to make EASY money online. If that’s you, you should know that products like this know you well, and they know what you want. What they don’t want you to know is that’s making money online is easier than it looks. With training out there like Wealthy Affiliate, you can easily learn the four simple steps to make a full-time income online

AppCoiner Training & Support

At the beginning, they really try to help you get started. They walk you through setting up an account with an affiliate marketing network, then they help you get set up with your “website.” After that, I wouldn’t say you get too much training. They have a bad reputation for service, including delayed email responses. They do offer a 60-day money back guarantee, but who knows how on top of their refunds they are. 60 days is more than enough time to see if they’re platfomr will work for you, so this could be comforting if you decide to give it a try.My Final Opinion of AppCoiner

I’d say it’s a “don’t buy.” It’s not necessarily a scam, but it’s also not upfront or completely honest. I suggest never paying for something unless you are absolutely positive about how it works. You can easily start up your own website and get going writing reviews about whatever you want, without being tied to a sub domain or a limited app selection. If you want to make 2019 your best year ever, and start an online business, check out the training where I myself am still learning every day.

AppCoiner Review

Name: AppCoiner


Price: $27 ($17 if you put up a fight)

Owners: Unknown

Overall Rank: 25 out of 100

What About Quality Content? Become Google’s BFF

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, marketing specialist, or if you’re just looking to make money online, chances are you need your website right there in front of everyone. Google wants to help them find you, but if you’re not providing what it wants, it might just show up and ask “what about quality content?” Google wants to be your friend, but they expect you to be a good friend too.

Someone has a problem, you might just have the solution. What you need is for them to search for the solution, and find you. I do it all the time. Just today I had to google something about baby food, and as a mother, I spend half my life on Google and YouTube. (We’ll get into YouTube later.)

Here is my point: I use Google, you probably use Google. I buy things online, you probably buy things online. Right? So what if we could take just a tiny percentage of the millions of people using Google and spending money online, and direct them to our site and our solutions?

Content Is King

When you poke around online trying to find the secret sauce for website traffic, you’re going to find a lot of so-called experts telling you SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the way to Google’s heart. While yes, SEO is important and should be considered, it’s so important not to get hung up on that.

Should you still take the time to learn about it? Absolutely. But don’t focus on that and nothing else, you will drive yourself mad. One thing I’ve learned through my #1 training platform is the fact that there are real people on the other side, looking for answers. People are buying, but they aren’t a bunch of SEO robots. They are parents, students, crafters, people like you and I. Treat them as such.

The bottom line is simple: content is King. But SEO and Content can work together in perfect harmony to bring your website up the ranks to where you really want to be. I guess you can say SEO is the Queen.

The Price for Bad or No Content

Google is getting wise to the tactics of the spammy online marketer. This includes low quality content, keyword stuffing, and the misuse of links. As the algorithms of Google change, they are learning to punish these tactics. The Search Engine Journal says this about Content and SEO:

“At their best, they form a bond that can catapult any website to the top of search engine rankings. But that’s only when they’re at their best. Because, when they’re at their worst, they can cause Google penalties that are near impossible to recover from.”

A Google penalty is there waiting for those people who think they’re going to make a full-time income by copying article, or writing just enough to stuff a bunch of keywords hoping to make a sale through their affiliate links. Don’t fall into these traps, or the same is coming for you.

Like I said earlier, Google wants you to be a good friend. When you need help, you want to call up a good friend and have them give you quality help. Even if they themselves don’t have the answer, they will help you find the answer. If you called up a friend and all they did was repeat the same phrases over and over again and tried to sell you something with each sentence, I bet you’d eventually cut them off. Search engines are the same and they will cut you off if you’re not providing quality content.

Can You Dream Up An Idea?

The most amazing thing about the Internet, in my opinion, is the endless opportunity of what you can put out there! You can write about pretty much anything. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, and you get deep into the training, you’ll soon realize that there are affiliate programs for almost any subject. This means that you can potentially make money writing about something that you genuinely enjoy, making it less of a hassle and more of a dream job!

What does this have to do with quality content? The more you like a subject, the more you can write about it in depth, with heart, and give it true quality. Think about your favorite subject. Got it? Okay. Now think about the last time you talked about it with a friend, how long did you talk about it? Half hour? An hour? Did you even realize that you were talking that long? Probably not!

The same with writing! If it’s a subject you love, you can probably write about it without a break and you eventually realize that you wrote several paragraphs packed with information and perhaps even answers to questions held by those learning about the subject. Before you know it, you have an article beaming with quality content, and google will love you for it.

You Can Write About Anything

Now let’s say you’re more like me. My mind is everywhere most of the time and I love a lot of little things. As I mentioned earlier, and I probably mention a lot in other articles, I’m a parent to an awesome little boy. It’s just the one kid, and before I had him, I knew nothing about parenting. He’s still a baby, but even at this point I feel like I could write a whole book about my experiences so far. Is that because I’m an expert parent? Far from it!

What’s my point here? You do not need to be an expert when you decide to write about a subject, because you can learn almost anything. With proper research, you can find a way to write about any subject, any product, anything! When I started my online journey, I wasn’t a chef, and yet there I went writing about food, drinks, cooking, and recipes!

If you have something you want to write about but it’s not your “passion” or your expertise, don’t be intimidated. Go for it, and before you know it, you’ll be writing articles full of quality content outlining what you’ve learned.

Let the Pen Loose

We’ve discussed the importance of quality content when it comes to ranking on Google, what happens when quality falls to the wayside, and a couple of ways you can get started writing content that will help you on your financial journey.

Making money online is a science, but it’s not a hard one. If you want to learn about it with me, then I suggest you start with this training. There is a free version where you’ll get a little bit less than the Premium version, but you honestly still get so much, including your first website and ten whole valuable lessons on getting started. The sky is the limit, let’s go!

=====> My Number One Recommendation For Learning How To Make Money Online <===========

What Is If This Then That? – Your Personal Assistant App

I will just come out with it: I have Attention Deficit Disorder, better known as A.D.D. It’s hard for me to sit and focus and make sure I get all of my tasks done in one sitting. I need someone, or something, to remind me “Hey Sydney, you posted that blog, but you forgot to post on social media.” Enter my new personal assistant app: IFTTT. But what is If This Then That? 

If This Then That, better known as IFTTT is an app that allows you to create “Applets.” These Applets control little actions allowing you to free up time, and most importantly, help you not to forget important tasks to accomplish for your business. They essentially allow your current apps to communicate to complete things they couldn’t do otherwise.

Building An Applet

They have made making an Applet so simple, and user friendly. They have so many apps to choose from, that the exploration of the app is basically endless, it really is like having a personal assistant on your phone. Check out the video I posted above directly from the makers about setting up an Applet.

I myself made a new Applet using some simple apps I use every day: Gmail and my Phone’s Calendar. But let’s start from the beginning.

When you first open the app, you’ll find a section at the bottom called “My Applets.” You guessed it, this is where you’ll find Applets you’ve created. You can also find the pre-made Applets that you’ve activated or decided to use.

In the top right corner, you’ll find a plus sign. This is your signal to create a new one.

This brings you to the famous “If This Then That” page. By clicking next to the “This,” you’re able to choose a trigger app. For example, I chose the Calendar app. More specifically, I chose that when a new event is added to a specific calendar, the “trigger” fires.

Now it’s time to choose the “That” or the action. I decided that I want to email the contact added to my event whenever I schedule a meeting.

Let’s say I added a meeting to my Meetings Calendar on January 21st at 14:30 with Kit Wilton. As soon as I add the meeting to my calendar, the trigger fires and the action is an email is sent from my Gmail to Kit with the Subject “Company Meeting On January 21, 2019 @ 14:30,” at the time of setting up my action I put in exactly what elements I want involved in the body of the email. For instance, “Hey Kit, just set up a company meeting on 1/21, don’t be late!”

I will then get a notification saying “Applet Run.” Informing me that the Applet worked, and all functions went through.

Pre-Made Applets

There are hundreds on hundreds of pre-made Applets, and they work with so many apps or home service gear. Popular ones being Amazon Alexa, Hue, Nest, WeMo, and Sonos.

These are already made to add a bit of ease to your life, imagine if you could make them work for you a little harder.

Other IFTTT users create Applets too, which is mostly what you’ll see when you explore Applets. So before you create your own, do a quick search to see if you can find what you want in a pre-made Applet.

The great thing about the app itself, is they’ve organized lists of Applets by several categories. For example: Applets for your car, Applets for the news, or Applets for the environment.

Who Is IFTTT For?

Everyone, basically everyone. It may actually be easier to tell you who wouldn’t want to use this incredible tool: people without smart phones or any gadgets, people who hate exploring cool apps, people who already have personal assistants, or those who have no reason to be more productive.

This app is free. It’s helpful. Chances are, you could use it. I personally use it to remind me to check my Wealthy Affiliate account everyday and helping those that are trying to make money with a website.

So, what is If This Then That? It’s your new personal assistant.

FB SociCake Overview – A Crucial Business Tool (Plus Early Bird Discount)

As a business owner, one of your biggest concerns should be your online presence. Social Media is here to stay, and you need to brand yourself. A little while back, I wrote an article about the importance of Facebook to your business. Well I am about to tell you about a brand new product being released January 5th by the legendary Mario Brown. Let’s dive into my FB SociCake Overview, and make 2019 your most profitable year yet, but hurry because this price probably won’t last (seriously).

FB SociCake Review

Name: SociCake
Price: $47 (possible early bird discount if you act quickly)
Owners: Mario Brown & Ifiok Nkem
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100

FB SociCake Overview of the Product

SociCake is an all-in-one suite made to help you streamline your Facebook efforts, gain followers, improve engagement, and help your business. I say all-in-one because it’s actually a software bundle of ten tools for the price of one. Hopefully, you have reached this page early because they are offering early bird discounts that will expire FAST! 

Another cool feature about this launch is the commercial licensing option. This will allow the buyer to use the software to offer services to other local businesses. The software for personal use is already a great investment. I think business owners often underestimate the benefits of using Facebook as a marketing tool, but also as a way to connect to their clients and potential clients. 

Add in the ability to possibly make thousands by offering Facebook services to business, then you really have something amazing and worth it’s salt. My point is, if you’re a business owner, then great, this tool is for you. If you’re not, but you want to get in the world of offering freelancing services or looking to break into the marketing field, this tool might just be your newest must have software. 

What Is Included In The FB SociCake Bundle

FB SociCake Messenger Bot

#1 Messenger Bot Builder

Facebook Messenger is one of the most used apps on the market today, and it is growing in popularity in terms of advertising and business use. In a research report by Oracle, 800 decision makers from around the world were surveyed regarding emerging technologies. 80% of them stated that, by the year 2020, they were planning on chatbots as part of their marketing strategy. Seems like word is getting around that consumers are beginning to be more interested in receiving Facebook Messages than emails. 

Right now is the time to get in on the chatbot hype. SociCake’s Bot Builder allows you to create automatic conversation flows for your visitors. With this tool you can schedule out how you want to communicate with your audience. Use this to deliver valuable content, which will in turn drive traffic to your business or website. The amazing thing about automation is, like email marketing, you are able to build relationships turning your contacts into leads, and your leads into sales. Facebook is a main tool for advertisers already, but bots are still relatively new, making this low competition avenue very valuable. 

#2 Messenger Broadcasting

We just went into the benefits of Facebook Messenger, but on top of the value of a chatbot, there is the value in the broadcast. When people visit your page, they are potential clients. When they leave, you can lose that business forever. You are leaving money on the table. With Messenger Broadcasting, you can reach out to those who have visited and engaged with your page, allowing you to continue nurturing that relationship. Before you know, you can have a new client who will stick with you wherever you go. 

FB SociCake Comment Bot

#3 Comment Bot 

When people comment on your Facebook post, they are looking for engagement. No one wants to comment on the post and be left feeling invisible or unheard. We know you care about your visitors. With automated responses you can reply, either publicly or privately, to their comment based on specific keywords or phrases. Imagine how much time you can save with this feature! This will free you up to really work on creating a quality page that attracts visitors without hesitation. 

FB SociCake Content Designer

#4 FB Ads & Content Designer

Facebook Ads are not going anywhere. Many people still use Facebook ads to increase engagement, but with all these advertisers, how are you supposed to make yourself stand out? The Ads and Content Designer has over 1,000 templates for your FB post, timeline cover, FB ads, and more. On top of that there are over 450k viral quotes to attract the attention of the Facebook visitor. You are not alone if you feel intimidated by the professionally designed Facebook pages out there. I’m no web designer myself, so I understand the fear of having to do it all yourself. Thankfully, with this tool, that will not be the case. Design a beautiful Facebook page with no design experience. 

FB SociCake Post Creator

#5 Rich Post Editor

Rich posts are the newest way to get the edge on the average boring Facebook posts. Millionaire entrepreneur Russell Brunson knows that rich posts encourage engagement on each of his posts, take a note from him. By adding a different text style to your posts, even emojis, you are enticing your visitors to take action on your posts. In turn, this is seen as value and creativity. A big plus for potential clients to see you think outside of the box. 

FB SociCake Post Manager

#6 Post Manager

This is a time saving tool on so many levels. You can create and schedule several types of posts across several Facebook pages and accounts all from one dashboard. This tool also makes it incredibly easy to incorporate a call to action button on an average post (not an ads post only), and everyone knows that a call to action is one of the best ways to boost visits to your website. The post manager alone is such a great tool for the Facebook marketer trying to be as productive as possible. 

FB SociCake Clickable Images

#7 Clickable Images

It’s great having a call to action on your page, but what if you could turn your images into the call to action, and in a way that is so simple and efficient, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it this whole time. Many people are so skilled at posting beautiful images on their page, but the only way to direct potential clients to your site is to add a link to the image description. When someone clicks on the image, all they get is a larger version of the image. But with Clickable Images, they’re attracted to the picture, they click, and they’re directed to your target URL. This can be such a beneficial traffic driving tool. 

FB SociCake Fan Inviter

#8 FB Fan Inviter 

This tool will invite everyone that liked a specific post to your fan page. This has the potential to being the newest growth hacking tool for your fan page. Let’s say you have a post that goes viral. It’s very likely that there will be many people who will like the post without visiting and liking your page. Don’t leave money on the table. Make the most of your posts by gaining followers along the way. 

FB SociCake Optin Link

#9 Optin Link

This is a one-click lead capture platform. The usual landing page with an optin form is effective only when the person enters a real email and name. Unfortunately, a growing number is entering false information. This helps no one. This link allows you to connect with the potential client with one click. The platform syncs with fifteen popular autoresponders, allowing you to deliver value to a real person, not just another fake email. 

#10 FB Livecast Engine

Facebook live is a great engagement tool for your audience. With this tool you are able to prerecord a video, and broadcast is on the Facebook live system. You don’t even need to be logged in during the livestream, it all operates from the cloud. I’ll share a little story with you:

A marketing mentor that I followed once offered a livestream session where he wanted to share his top five tips for freelancers. Last minute, he decided to go on vacation with his girlfriend. That’s great, he probably needed a vacation, but he wanted to be a man of his word and go with the live session anyway. The problem was, he was in a different country with a less-than-great internet connection. It was a half hour of him trying to offer tips, but getting cut off, lagging video, and spotty audio. It was frustrating. If he had this tool, he would have been able to record everything before his conversation, and enjoy his vacation without worrying about breaking his promise. A lot of people scheduled time to watch his livestream. Imagine their disappointment when they had to wait another week for him to try again when he got home. 

I know what you’re thinking though. If it isn’t really live, then how was he able to answer questions. He didn’t answer questions anyway! It wasn’t absolutely necessary for him to even be live. A pre-recorded session would’ve saved time, provided value, and kept his audience just as happy (if not happier).

Use FB SociCake For Business

My Final Opinion of FB SociCake 

There is so much excitement surrounding this launch. It still needs to be time-tested in my opinion, which is why it got a less than perfect score, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be seeing many success stories in the very near future. Perhaps even yours. Get yours today, while the iron is hot, and be on the leading edge of the most powerful tool of all, Facebook. I Urge You To JUMP On This Before The Price Goes Up!

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Check Out This In-Depth Demo Of SociCake

Franklin Hatchett – Affliate Marketing Guru or Scam Artist?

If you are looking to make money online, then chances are you are going to do some research. If you do that, then you are going to come across some supposed “make money online trainers.” They will really sweeten the deal by saying that they will offer you free training, and you can make money from the free training alone. Franklin Hatchett is one of these trainers. Right off the bat, I will yell you this guy knows his stuff. But be warned. 


Believe me, there are tons of them. All of them claiming the same thing. Now it should be no surprise to you that if you join in their “free training,” they will at some point try to get you to buy something. Make no mistake though, this isn’t always a bad thing. Some of the training out there is incredibly valuable, you just need to know who to believe. So let’s dive into what Frank has to offer, and if it’s worth your time. 

Franklin Hatchett – Super Affiliate Training Overview

Frank actually offers a couple different trainings. He has a program known as Ecom Elites, but I’m not dabbling in E-commerce quite yet, so I haven’t checked that out. But he also has a super affiliate training. Now the one cool thing about this guy that caught my eye is how much training he actually gives away on his YouTube channel. There’s a lot of people that will upload videos regularly but they just spout off a bunch of stuff quickly and in a way you can’t understand. He actually goes pretty in depth on stuff, he gives away real value.

BUT the training I’m really going into is the Super Affiliate Training. I heard of it through one of his YouTube videos. I followed the link through his description and there’s an optin. After you optin, you get an email that lays out a four lesson plan to help you become a super affiliate. Let’s dive in to the pros and cons of the training.

The Good & the Bad 

The Good:

PRO #1 – Not Spammy

One thing I fear after any optin is the potential of super annoying emails being blasted at me every day or every other day just trying to sell me something. Frank sends one of the training emails every day, afterward he send a FAQ email, but nothing else for another few days. And what he sends is usually more training via YouTube. Nothing feels forced or overly salesy. 

PRO #2 – Real Value

In his four lesson line up he provides some decent length training videos. These are not just five minute videos with a bunch of fluff. This is real, valuable stuff. If you’re going to open the lesson, make sure you can sit with a pen and paper and really pay attention. 

PRO #3 – Easy to Follow

One thing I find about most affiliate marketing gurus is their “lingo” is exclusive to the marketing community, and they forget that. Most just talk circles around you. If you’re a newbie, you have no idea what cpc, average conversion rates, or solo ads mean. Which translates to you getting absolutely nothing out of the training. When he brings in a new term, he’ll take a sec to explain it. That is so important to a newbie.

The Bad: 

CON #1 – He Uses the Word Free Too Often

One thing his training focuses on is you getting a Clickfunnels trial. Clickfunnels is actually a pretty awesome tool for the online entrepreneur. However, it’s pricey. He claims that with his training, you can very easily get two Clickfunnels trials under your affiliate link, which will offset the cost of the product making it free to use. In a way, he’s telling the truth. However, no matter with way you put it, you will end up paying up front. Can you make your money back soon? Sure. 

Your trial is two weeks long. The trail you try to get others to sign up with is also two weeks. So unless someone magically decides to upgrade without waiting out their trial (they won’t), then you will be stuck with the bill that clicks in over $90. Now there’s no saying that you won’t get a few trial members signed up in that two weeks, which WILL eventually pay for itself, but don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t be paying anything up front.

CON #2 – Overly Optimistic

He wants to get you pumped to use and promote Clickfunnels, so he put in a lot of work making the training. The problem is, he can be a little optimistic about the figures. Multiple times throughout the training, he says that it shouldn’t be hard to make six figures using his system. I know this is a decent sales strategy, but to build a good ongoing relationship you have to be a little more realistic in my opinion. That being said, he also makes it a strong point to say that results are not typical, and you have to put the work in, adding that it’s not a get rich quick scheme. I appreciate that too. 

Who is Franklin Hatchett’s Training For? 

Honestly, if you’re looking to make money with an online business, you can benefit. The “insider training” covers setting up an autoresponder for email marketing, and various ways to get traffic. He covers these things in great detail, and really tries to preemptively answer questions. His main focus is using the relatively expensive Clickfunnels platform, that is the only problem. Prepare for an investment. 

Franklin’s  Support 

As far as support goes, it’s  a little lacking. My main training platform is Wealthy Affiliate, and my standards are kind of high when it comes to support because of them. (See why here

Franklin offers entry into a very exclusive Facebook group. While you go through the group, you may notice a few people with unanswered question. There may be two reasons for this:

 #1 Frank is a busy guy, he seems to always be release videos, new web content, emails, etc. He could probably solve Thisbe issue by taking some of his successful student and having them work for him as moderators. 

#2 The other members of the group don’t jump up to help. When you join the group, there’s no emphasis on helping each other out. That’s is one of my favorite things about Wealthy Affiliate. If he could improve on that, the FB group could be great. 

His email support is a little lacking as well. In fact, his recommendation to receive support is to comment on his latest YouTube video. Not everyone is comfortable with that. I will say it again though, he tries his best to help out. He is really down-to-earth, and seems to love what he does. I would never say he is a “sell it and skip out” type of person, like so many other gurus out there. 

My Final Opinion Of Franklin Hatchett’s Affiliate Training

If you are looking for an Affiliate Marketing Guru that offers tid bits of value, I would say that Franklin Hatchett is a stand-up guy. He gives his best, and is definitely not a Scammer. In fact, it’s not rare to see people commenting on his videos and websites calling him a legend and talking about how much he has helped them in their financial journey. That’s pretty cool!

While I think his training isn’t just sales bait, as many are, I do think that you need to be ready for an investment if you decide to get into his exclusive Clickfunnels training. Be prepared to also make less than the numbers he portrays. But if you’re ready to buckle down, invest in yourself, and work through the training thoroughly, then by all means give it a try. The potential is there. 

Will this overtake my number #1 suggestion? No. Wealthy Affiliate is still unmatched for their extensive training and winning support. 

Franklin Hatchett Overview

Name: Super Affiliate Training

Website: I’d start with his YouTube channel here.

Price: Two week free trial with Clickfunnels, then $97/mth*

Owners: Franklin Hatchett 

Overall Rank: 89 out of 100

* you are not obligated to go past the two week trial stage, so the training does not technically cost anything. You are also encouraged to sign up for an autoresponder, which also offers a 30-day free trail, then $15/mth. Again this is not an obligation, and therefore is not classified as a cost for the course.

My Resume Skills List – Soft Skills You Need To Get Hired in 2019

Hiring managers spend less than ten seconds on average looking over a new resume. Not only that, but they know EXACTLY where to look to see if you have what they need. You need to grab their attention. One of the most important ways to do this is by having the right skills listed on your resume. This resume skills list will lay out the soft skills anyone can develop to grab a hiring managers attention.

What do I mean by soft skills? Every employee has a set of soft skills and hard skills. In reality, anyone can develop soft skills. For example, if your time management skills are poor, you can look for ways to improve them in a very short amount of time. Don’t take this to mean that it isn’t hard work. If you’re not a team player, you have to put in hard work to learn to work better with others. This may be a skill you need to develop through your current job, or possibly volunteer work.

Hard skills are more specific to your formal training. For example, someone can put Graphic Design on their resume, but they have likely gone to school to develop that skill, and may need to share specific certifications to impress their employer. If you don’t have Graphic Design as a skill, it’s not a trade you can just learn over the weekend.

I’m going to go through five crucial skills, how you can word them on your resume, and how you can improve them.

1. Time Management

Managing time is important for every single job out there. Everyone should strive to have to this on their resume, but no one should put this on there if they cannot manage their time correctly. Employers want to know that they are not paying you to sit around and waste time on Facebook. You must be able to sit and accomplish your tasks quickly and thoroughly.

How Can I Improve:

Do not underestimate the to-do list. Lists are so effective, and they can really make an impact on your productivity. I suggest three ways you can organize your list: by importance, by workload, or by due date. If you have a hefty task, try getting that out of the way first, that way you can look forward to the smaller and easier tasks after.

Extra tip: add “take a breather” on to your list. If you just list out all of the things you have to accomplish, you may get overwhelmed and take a break too early. Then you get distracted, and wind up getting less done. Add taking a break in there, and you have something to look forward to, making it easier to work through your tasks.

2. Adaptability

Most employers are looking to hire you for a specific job, so you may be thinking “why is adaptability important if I’m being hired for a specific role?” It is very important! There will likely be a time when you are ready for that promotion, or looking to branch out to new responsibilities. An employer needs to know right from the start that you are the ideal person for the current position, and that you might be the perfect person for a higher position, should one open up.

How Can I Improve:

Take a second to imagine yourself in a different position, perhaps one that you may be nervous about at first. To practice, do something out of your comfort zone, and make it a habit. Take a random road trip, go volunteer, allow yourself to feel uncomfortable for a second in your environment, and then adapt. Before you know it, you’ll be able to prove to your employer that you really can thrive anywhere.

3. Self-Motivation

This is a dynamite skill to have, and it does not come easy to everyone. Self-motivation is absolutely necessary if you ever want to be in a leadership position. You employer needs to know that they won’t need to “hold your hand” through every task. You need to prove that you can accomplish things that they haven’t even thought of yet! This requires some critical thinking.

How Can I Improve:

Goals, goals, goals! Set goals! If you are currently employed, think about something you can accomplish before you leave. Make sure it’s something that you haven’t been told to do. (For example: create a brief welcome binder for the person that will take over your position, offering a brief snapshot of the ins and outs of the job) This works out of two levels. One, you Improve the skill, and two, you have something you can tell a prospective employer during an interview. Proof is always welcome when it comes to discussing your skills.

If you are not employed, work on the skill at home. Perhaps some Spring cleaning in the Winter. Or how about a little lawn project, or diy home decor. Being motivated comes from within, and if you can’t be motivated at home, you will struggle with it at work.

4. Effective Communication

Communication is a dying skill. With the rising of texting, social media, and the digital environment, comes the fall of effective face-to-face communication. Whether you need to relay something your boss, immediate supervisor, or you are the boss and you’re brainstorming with your team, communicating the right way makes all the difference in how you are heard. No matter what your position, confidence should shine through you in body language and your speech.

How Can I Improve:

Practice eye contact. It’s no secret that eye contact is a very powerful way to show confidence. Even if you’re not applying for a leadership position, proper eye contact will make you appear authoritative. Practice making more eye contact with your friends and family. Don’t tell them that you are practicing, just do it, and see how they react to your confidence.

Talk to yourself. Sounds crazy right? It’s actually an amazing method to improve your communication. Look in the mirror, and talk. Give yourself a pep talk, practice a speech, ask yourself interview questions and practice your answers. When you get comfortable with your facial expressions and you take note of your speech patterns, you can develop more confidence with your communication.

5. Integrity

Being trustworthy is a big plus to potential employers. They need to know they can trust you. When you have Integrity, you have honesty and a wonder work ethic. Believe it or not, this is not a common trait. Think of how many people you can actually trust. If you had a large sum of money, and you weren’t exactly sure the specific amount, who could you leave to watch that money and know that they won’t take any of it? This is what an employer is doing with you. They’re paying you, but how can they know exactly how much you are earning? How do they know that you are not stealing from them by slacking on your work.

How Can I Improve:

Simple. Work on this every day. Be honest in every aspect your life. Be absolutely positive that you are a person who stays true to their word, don’t take advantage of people, don’t scam, and have a good work ethic. Thorough hiring managers will check references, and how wonderful is it to have a former employer brag about how they didn’t have to think twice about trusting you? That is your goal here.

Go Get ‘Em!

Now you can get out there and improve on these soft skills. If they have true meaning to you, you can show off your skills without hesitation.

If you’re really looking to get a leg up, I suggest you learn some hard skills too while you’re at it. So many companies are looking for digital masterminds, exceptional writers, and outgoing marketing specialists. Always be learning, and your resume skills list will grow into something impressive.

I suggest making an online portfolio. You can build a website with something simple like Wix (see my review here), and it can show how serious you are about your career. Now get out there and get hired!


Is Facebook A Waste of Time?

Facebook is an online staple. I haven’t met anyone that hasn’t had a Facebook account at some point. Okay, maybe i have met two or three now that I think about it, but mostly everyone has had one. It’s amazing for sharing your life, your travels, family photos and more. Is that all? I’m going to cut to the point here and say that Facebook has become so much more, it can be a necessary portion of your business. So, is Facebook a waste of time, a business necessity, or both?

The Relationship of Business and Social Media

If you have a small business, you want clients. That’s just a given right? But how will they come to you, if they don’t know you… If they can’t relate to you… If they can’t brag about you? Chances are they won’t.

You would have to be a real guru to get people to flock to your business without an online presence. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just more difficult. In the world of social media, businesses are able to get people begging to use their products, or buy from them.

By creating a Facebook, you’re essentially entering yourself into the world of networking for your business. If you have a physical storefront and you’re looking for a way to get in touch with other businesses in your area, this is your gate. If you want to build yourself a brand, and have people from all over the world lining up to give you their money, this is your platform. In short, Facebook can be very effective for business.

Facebook and Your Social Life

If you’re like me, you have family and friends everywhere. I’ve moved a lot, my family moves a lot, and I like to make friends everywhere I go. Social media is an excellent way to keep in touch to those where there’s some space between us. It can be so nice. I’ve been able to see pictures of my friend’s new babies, school pictures, family pictures, and in turn, I’ve been able to share mine.

It’s easy to see that as far as keeping in contact with the people you love, Facebook can be an amazing portal. I think most of us thought it might fade away like MySpace. But nope, it stayed and it stays strong, even after some issues with privacy were addressed. Many people still use it, and on a daily basis. Sure people have made Instagram a popular choice (we’ll get more into the uses of Instagram later), but Instagram and Facebook are very friendly with each other, for the user I mean.

Professional Networking

Facebook groups have grown in popularity. I happen to be apart of some great ones for business owners, and even a group for bloggers. If the group is active enough, you can learn a lot from the other group members. On top of that, you can network like crazy!

Groups are the perfect place to arrange collaborations, or even get clients. These friendships may start within the group, but you can end up adding each other, arranging a meetup, and creating a very real business friendship. Never underestimate the power to networking for your business.

Can You Waste Precious Time On Facebook?

I’ll just get this out there quickly, the answer is a resounding YES! I’ll repeat this again. YES, you can waste precious time on Facebook! Repeat this to yourself, write it on a note and keep it by your computer, invest in a productivity timer.

Here are a few ways you can be wasting time on Facebook:

Taking Useless Quizzes

We’ve all been there. Which Friends character are you? Can you answer all these Disney questions? What popular cheese based dish are you? (Okay, I made that last one up) But my point stands. These quizzes are useless time-eaters. You do not need to take them, so don’t.

Being A Facebook Stalker

So your old crush is getting married, or your ex best friend is living their best life. It doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. I’m going to get a little “tough love” here. If you’re battling some sort of jealousy, investigating someone else’s life is only going to make you feel worse.

If it’s possibly the opposite, where you may be intrigued that someone who wronged you is doing worse than you, it’s poison. It may make you feel slightly okay for a moment, but it will not last.

It’s a waste of your time to compare yourself to others. Never forget that social media is essentially a highlight reel. Move forward with your own life, and remember that you choose how you’ll spend your time.

Being the Facebook Storyteller

Do you ever find that you are using Facebook as a platform for your daily grievances? Or that maybe you’ve gotten used to sharing every single thing that happens to you through long-winded status updates and selfies?

Why not change it up and ask yourself a few questions first. #1 Who am I writing this for and who will benefit? #2 What am I hoping to accomplish by posting this? And #3 Why this particular story, is it that important to me? If you can shy away from the constant storytelling, you can direct that time towards something more constructive.

Bonus Tip: Ask yourself the same questions before you share a video.

Let’s Revisit: Is Facebook A Waste of Time?

Yes and no. With the right energy and determination, Facebook can skyrocket your business, keep you close to those you love, and help you make friends that will support and up build you. But with no direction, it can eat away at the time you can use toward accomplishing great things.

Can it be considered a guilty pleasure? Sure. And if you feel like you want to take a quiz to find out what sort of potato you are, be my guest. Life is all about balance, and you can still do amazing things, even with the occasional Facebook break. Just remember that your success is up to you, and when you make the most of your time, amazing things can happen.

==> Check out this brilliant quick read about putting together an effective social media strategy.




Wix Website Hosting Review

Let’s dive into my Wix website hosting review. When I first stepped onto the online scene, I was overwhelmed by the number of website builders that were out there. Of course, I wasn’t trying to do anything fancy. I just wanted to start a tiny food blog as a hobby. At that time I wasn’t even aware of the massive income potential a website could have, I just wanted somewhere to put my crazy recipes out into the world.

The hosting I did choose was not great, it was glitchy and not clean looking or intuitive. Back then, the whole concept of a beautiful website in one click was unheard. You could easily build a website, but it would LOOK free, even if you were paying for the service. But not today!  Wix is one among the many pro-style website builders on the market today. Wix Product Overview

Wix hasn’t always had the best reputation. I passed it over on my first website. But now Wix is highly recommended by the pros! It’s competitors are: Weebly, Squarespace, and WordPress. Up until a few years ago, Squarespace was leading in beautiful, professional templates. Wix has 100’s of website templates created by talented web designers, so it takes the guesswork out of trying to create a stunning website on your own. They’re platform also allows for drag and drop editing, which is incredible for the not-so-tech savvy blogger. Their mobile optimization makes your website highly funcional on any device.

The Good & the Bad of Wix

The Good:

One thing many people look for, especially when they are just starting out with the online world, is a free way to get started. Wix offers free hosting on one of their domains. This means that you will start out with a website that looks similar to “” You can still accomplish a great deal on a free plan. You can still draw a lot of traffic to a Wix site.

Another pro would be the simplifying of the web design. Many pros out there are completely impressed with the simplicity of their drag and drop system, as well as the ability to have full control over their website’s appearance. This pro has grown greatly over the years. So much so, that entreprenuers who are hired by businesses to create websites use wix to easily and cheapy build a professional website. Impressive right?

Wix has also upped their game with website security. In this day and age, it’s almost too easy to feel insecure building a website without the very real fear that someone will hack into it and steal some valuable information. Thankfully, all of Wix websites are run on their in-house servers, allowing them to offer full website security.


The Bad:

While it’s nice to have the ability to create a free website, it comes with its faults. With a free site, you will have Wix ads. You alos won’t have the ability to host your very own domain (vs the ones with the Wix subdomain), without paying for an account.

One thing that bothers me specificaly, is the way the pricing is laid out when you are looking to upgrade (ex. $5/month, $11/month, $14/month, $29/month). The pricing, however, isn’t “monthly” at all. The subscriptions are yearly, and are billed that way at check out. Maybe it’s just me, but if the pricing is says $11/monthly, I expect to pay $11 at the checkout. If they bill yearly, they should put “$132/yearly” and I will work out the monthly price on my own. In my personal opinion, laying out pricing like that is a sales tactic.

If you’re going to go with a wbsite template, you need to keep it simple, or else you will hit snags. While they have come a long way, they don’t have the hosting perfected, nor do they have their webpages down to a science. As a matter of fact, I have heard coders complain about the website’s functionality. It seems like, if you are very serious about creating a business from a website, this may not be your way to go.

Who is Wix For?

As I mentioned before, if you are serious about building a business from a website alone, then this may not be the platform for you.

(Check out my #1 suggestion for building an online business)

If you have a business already, and simply need a website to help with gaining traffic or advertising, then it might be worth considering. Although they do have a VIP package, some find it a tad bit overpriced for what you get.

Wix Tools 

One tool that many who are interested in Wix find helpful would be the Wix ADI website builder. You take a simple quiz and Wix designs the website for you. If the amount of templates available becomes overwhelming, this can be a very, and I mean VERY, helpful tool in creating your website.

Aside from that you also have a personalized SEO plan, SEO analytics, email marketer, and social tools. Basically anything you need to create a website for your business. But they lack in training. SEO plans are nice, but if you don’t know how to effectively use them, you’re in the dark and you won’t get the traffic you need.

(Get SEO training and drive traffic to your business on this all-in-one platform)

Wix Support

I have really only heard good things about the support you receive when you have issues with your website. They can usually solve any problem, it just may take some time. It takes up to a few days to get your problem solved.

There’s no real online community that you can go to when you have questions, if say, you don’t feel like filing a ticket. What you can do in that case, is simply Google your issue, and you’ll come across several answers. Many people use Wix and have possibly been where you are.

My Final Opinion of Wix

If I’m being honest, it’s not for me. I prefer to have a fully immersive and supportive community full of like-minded entrepreneurs, on top of web hosting. Also this platform that I use, uses WordPress, which continues to be the lead in website design.

But that doesn’t mean wix isn’t for anyone. It definitely has a targeted audience, and I would consider it to be a top ten platform. Definitely worth consideration.

Wix Overview

Name: Wix
Price: Varies (Free, $11/month, $14/month, or $29/Month)
Overall Rank: 78 out of 100