Facebook is an online staple. I haven’t met anyone that hasn’t had a Facebook account at some point. Okay, maybe i have met two or three now that I think about it, but mostly everyone has had one. It’s amazing for sharing your life, your travels, family photos and more. Is that all? I’m going to cut to the point here and say that Facebook has become so much more, it can be a necessary portion of your business. So, is Facebook a waste of time, a business necessity, or both?

The Relationship of Business and Social Media

If you have a small business, you want clients. That’s just a given right? But how will they come to you, if they don’t know you… If they can’t relate to you… If they can’t brag about you? Chances are they won’t.

You would have to be a real guru to get people to flock to your business without an online presence. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just more difficult. In the world of social media, businesses are able to get people begging to use their products, or buy from them.

By creating a Facebook, you’re essentially entering yourself into the world of networking for your business. If you have a physical storefront and you’re looking for a way to get in touch with other businesses in your area, this is your gate. If you want to build yourself a brand, and have people from all over the world lining up to give you their money, this is your platform. In short, Facebook can be very effective for business.

Facebook and Your Social Life

If you’re like me, you have family and friends everywhere. I’ve moved a lot, my family moves a lot, and I like to make friends everywhere I go. Social media is an excellent way to keep in touch to those where there’s some space between us. It can be so nice. I’ve been able to see pictures of my friend’s new babies, school pictures, family pictures, and in turn, I’ve been able to share mine.

It’s easy to see that as far as keeping in contact with the people you love, Facebook can be an amazing portal. I think most of us thought it might fade away like MySpace. But nope, it stayed and it stays strong, even after some issues with privacy were addressed. Many people still use it, and on a daily basis. Sure people have made Instagram a popular choice (we’ll get more into the uses of Instagram later), but Instagram and Facebook are very friendly with each other, for the user I mean.

Professional Networking

Facebook groups have grown in popularity. I happen to be apart of some great ones for business owners, and even a group for bloggers. If the group is active enough, you can learn a lot from the other group members. On top of that, you can network like crazy!

Groups are the perfect place to arrange collaborations, or even get clients. These friendships may start within the group, but you can end up adding each other, arranging a meetup, and creating a very real business friendship. Never underestimate the power to networking for your business.

Can You Waste Precious Time On Facebook?

I’ll just get this out there quickly, the answer is a resounding YES! I’ll repeat this again. YES, you can waste precious time on Facebook! Repeat this to yourself, write it on a note and keep it by your computer, invest in a productivity timer.

Here are a few ways you can be wasting time on Facebook:

Taking Useless Quizzes

We’ve all been there. Which Friends character are you? Can you answer all these Disney questions? What popular cheese based dish are you? (Okay, I made that last one up) But my point stands. These quizzes are useless time-eaters. You do not need to take them, so don’t.

Being A Facebook Stalker

So your old crush is getting married, or your ex best friend is living their best life. It doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. I’m going to get a little “tough love” here. If you’re battling some sort of jealousy, investigating someone else’s life is only going to make you feel worse.

If it’s possibly the opposite, where you may be intrigued that someone who wronged you is doing worse than you, it’s poison. It may make you feel slightly okay for a moment, but it will not last.

It’s a waste of your time to compare yourself to others. Never forget that social media is essentially a highlight reel. Move forward with your own life, and remember that you choose how you’ll spend your time.

Being the Facebook Storyteller

Do you ever find that you are using Facebook as a platform for your daily grievances? Or that maybe you’ve gotten used to sharing every single thing that happens to you through long-winded status updates and selfies?

Why not change it up and ask yourself a few questions first. #1 Who am I writing this for and who will benefit? #2 What am I hoping to accomplish by posting this? And #3 Why this particular story, is it that important to me? If you can shy away from the constant storytelling, you can direct that time towards something more constructive.

Bonus Tip: Ask yourself the same questions before you share a video.

Let’s Revisit: Is Facebook A Waste of Time?

Yes and no. With the right energy and determination, Facebook can skyrocket your business, keep you close to those you love, and help you make friends that will support and up build you. But with no direction, it can eat away at the time you can use toward accomplishing great things.

Can it be considered a guilty pleasure? Sure. And if you feel like you want to take a quiz to find out what sort of potato you are, be my guest. Life is all about balance, and you can still do amazing things, even with the occasional Facebook break. Just remember that your success is up to you, and when you make the most of your time, amazing things can happen.

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  1. Thanks a lot for discussing about the important question and providing great insights.

    I have few of my friends they suddenly uninstalled the FB app in their mobile and also said they are going to quit using their FB account. When I met them last week they said its consuming time and its an addiction etc.,

    I said to them “Its all about how you manage and for what you utilize it”.

    I do have friends who keep chatting and posting their photos and giving a running commentary on all the things they are doing Lol. On the other hand I do have friends who make 1000’s of dollars using FB and some got great relationships and connected to some of their old friends who they lost their connection with.

    Time management is life management… It’s in our hand how and for what we use our FB account.

    Wishing you Great Success!


  2. Facebook is an awesome platform for business. I have two FB business pages that I contribute to every day. You’re right, FB is much more than a place to share adventure and travel photos. 

    Although, I do love connecting with old friends on Facebook, and it’s amazing for birthday wishes. 

    I like the connection, support, and knowledge I gain by joining groups. I learned so much from the other members. FB is a great place for network marketing. 

    It certainly can be a waste of time, and time zapper, if there isn’t a purpose involved – and perhaps a time limit! Great article – thank you!

  3. I really like the part about being a Facebook Stalker lol. We’re all guilty of it and I’m glad someone out there is willing to call it what it is. I do love how you mentioned business networking on Facebook, I don’t that nearly enough.

    1. Haha James! I like to be honest, and I know I’ve spent hours doing it myself. Looking back,I wish I would’ve spent that time somewhere else!

  4. Great read! We can definitely use Facebook to network and build our business and personal lives!
    We can also spend too much time dilly dallying on the huge social platform and thus waste precious productive time and energy.
    I love the way you presented the questions to ask ourselves when sharing and posting and I am jotting those questions down to keep beside my computer to remind me of what is important for my business!
    Thank you for your insight,

    1. Thanks Virginia! Those are questions that I continually ask myself when posting online! I’m glad you found them useful too!

  5. This is an excellent article about Facebook and some of its pros and cons. You really made a strong case as to the benefits of Facebook for your business. Even though, I am not an avid Facebook user for my personal life, I am a regular user for my businesses since I own an e-commerce and a few affiilate websites. Thus, I would definitely agree there is no better way to connect with your audience and/or find out more about them through advertising and targeting. This in addition to the professional networks you can join are a huge benefit of using Facebook for your business. I have learned so much through these networks and have been able to ask the community when I needed help on a urgent issue in my business. These groups add a lot of value and i am extremely grateful to be able to have access to all these resources through a platform like Facebook.

    But nonetheless, thanks again for writing this awesome article. I hope many people will consider a more active role for Facebook within their business, as it truly is an excellent tool when used properly. Oh and also thank you for the tips on how to remain productive with Facebook, I am sure that will be of value to many people.



    1. I agree about the professional networks, and I’m looking forward to writing about those in the future too!

  6. You are so right about Facebook and how it can be good or bad for you.  For a long time I didn’t use Facebook because my news feed was filled with every moment of every day of a few of my friend’s lives, and it took me forever to find the few things I enjoyed seeing.  There are only so many hours in the day, and there’s just way too many things that are more important than seeing what kind of potato you are, lol.  Nice article!

  7. So true. My thoughts exactly. 

    I’ve had a FB account for many many years which was started when I moved away from family. It seemed like the best way to stay in touch. It definitely is, though in the beginning, I was one of those people being sucked into the games & other time-sucking nonsense. 

    Not long after, thankfully, the “newness” wore off and I realized how much time I was wasting. Fast forward to today, and I am actually in the process of utilizing it for business & networking purposes. 

    Good to read your article, and feel validated for the new efforts. Thanks!

  8. Great read! We can definitely spend a lot of time on Facebook dilly dallying and wasting precious productivity time and energy!

    That time can be used more wisely if we ask the questions they you presented so well, so well in fact that I am jotting those questions down to keep beside my computer to remind me of the best way to spend time networking for my business and personal life. 

    Thanks for the reminder of how to make use of Facebook as a valuable resource for my business, 


  9. I really enjoyed your post as it was only yesterday we were having a conversation about Facebook.

    If you are in business it can be a great tool.

    We are taught to go where our audience is and as you rightly say, millions of people are on Facebook.

    Facebook is however making it harder to connect with people unless we pay, so it is becoming more challenging.

    I tend to keep my personal life and business life separate.

    I also limit my friends on Facebook to my real friends. I only have about 300 people in my personal profile and I like to ba able to see relevant posts from them.

    My business pages are different. I post mainly business related articles with a little personal stuff (not to personal) that that people can see I am real and it seems to work for me.

    I move in and out of FB throughout the day and I am not one of those people who are online all the time.

    I think finding a balance is what is needed and this is different for everyone.

    Great post


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