If you are looking to make money online, then chances are you are going to do some research. If you do that, then you are going to come across some supposed “make money online trainers.” They will really sweeten the deal by saying that they will offer you free training, and you can make money from the free training alone. Franklin Hatchett is one of these trainers. Right off the bat, I will yell you this guy knows his stuff. But be warned. 


Believe me, there are tons of them. All of them claiming the same thing. Now it should be no surprise to you that if you join in their “free training,” they will at some point try to get you to buy something. Make no mistake though, this isn’t always a bad thing. Some of the training out there is incredibly valuable, you just need to know who to believe. So let’s dive into what Frank has to offer, and if it’s worth your time. 

Franklin Hatchett – Super Affiliate Training Overview

Frank actually offers a couple different trainings. He has a program known as Ecom Elites, but I’m not dabbling in E-commerce quite yet, so I haven’t checked that out. But he also has a super affiliate training. Now the one cool thing about this guy that caught my eye is how much training he actually gives away on his YouTube channel. There’s a lot of people that will upload videos regularly but they just spout off a bunch of stuff quickly and in a way you can’t understand. He actually goes pretty in depth on stuff, he gives away real value.

BUT the training I’m really going into is the Super Affiliate Training. I heard of it through one of his YouTube videos. I followed the link through his description and there’s an optin. After you optin, you get an email that lays out a four lesson plan to help you become a super affiliate. Let’s dive in to the pros and cons of the training.

The Good & the Bad 

The Good:

PRO #1 – Not Spammy

One thing I fear after any optin is the potential of super annoying emails being blasted at me every day or every other day just trying to sell me something. Frank sends one of the training emails every day, afterward he send a FAQ email, but nothing else for another few days. And what he sends is usually more training via YouTube. Nothing feels forced or overly salesy. 

PRO #2 – Real Value

In his four lesson line up he provides some decent length training videos. These are not just five minute videos with a bunch of fluff. This is real, valuable stuff. If you’re going to open the lesson, make sure you can sit with a pen and paper and really pay attention. 

PRO #3 – Easy to Follow

One thing I find about most affiliate marketing gurus is their “lingo” is exclusive to the marketing community, and they forget that. Most just talk circles around you. If you’re a newbie, you have no idea what cpc, average conversion rates, or solo ads mean. Which translates to you getting absolutely nothing out of the training. When he brings in a new term, he’ll take a sec to explain it. That is so important to a newbie.

The Bad: 

CON #1 – He Uses the Word Free Too Often

One thing his training focuses on is you getting a Clickfunnels trial. Clickfunnels is actually a pretty awesome tool for the online entrepreneur. However, it’s pricey. He claims that with his training, you can very easily get two Clickfunnels trials under your affiliate link, which will offset the cost of the product making it free to use. In a way, he’s telling the truth. However, no matter with way you put it, you will end up paying up front. Can you make your money back soon? Sure. 

Your trial is two weeks long. The trail you try to get others to sign up with is also two weeks. So unless someone magically decides to upgrade without waiting out their trial (they won’t), then you will be stuck with the bill that clicks in over $90. Now there’s no saying that you won’t get a few trial members signed up in that two weeks, which WILL eventually pay for itself, but don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t be paying anything up front.

CON #2 – Overly Optimistic

He wants to get you pumped to use and promote Clickfunnels, so he put in a lot of work making the training. The problem is, he can be a little optimistic about the figures. Multiple times throughout the training, he says that it shouldn’t be hard to make six figures using his system. I know this is a decent sales strategy, but to build a good ongoing relationship you have to be a little more realistic in my opinion. That being said, he also makes it a strong point to say that results are not typical, and you have to put the work in, adding that it’s not a get rich quick scheme. I appreciate that too. 

Who is Franklin Hatchett’s Training For? 

Honestly, if you’re looking to make money with an online business, you can benefit. The “insider training” covers setting up an autoresponder for email marketing, and various ways to get traffic. He covers these things in great detail, and really tries to preemptively answer questions. His main focus is using the relatively expensive Clickfunnels platform, that is the only problem. Prepare for an investment. 

Franklin’s  Support 

As far as support goes, it’s  a little lacking. My main training platform is Wealthy Affiliate, and my standards are kind of high when it comes to support because of them. (See why here

Franklin offers entry into a very exclusive Facebook group. While you go through the group, you may notice a few people with unanswered question. There may be two reasons for this:

 #1 Frank is a busy guy, he seems to always be release videos, new web content, emails, etc. He could probably solve Thisbe issue by taking some of his successful student and having them work for him as moderators. 

#2 The other members of the group don’t jump up to help. When you join the group, there’s no emphasis on helping each other out. That’s is one of my favorite things about Wealthy Affiliate. If he could improve on that, the FB group could be great. 

His email support is a little lacking as well. In fact, his recommendation to receive support is to comment on his latest YouTube video. Not everyone is comfortable with that. I will say it again though, he tries his best to help out. He is really down-to-earth, and seems to love what he does. I would never say he is a “sell it and skip out” type of person, like so many other gurus out there. 

My Final Opinion Of Franklin Hatchett’s Affiliate Training

If you are looking for an Affiliate Marketing Guru that offers tid bits of value, I would say that Franklin Hatchett is a stand-up guy. He gives his best, and is definitely not a Scammer. In fact, it’s not rare to see people commenting on his videos and websites calling him a legend and talking about how much he has helped them in their financial journey. That’s pretty cool!

While I think his training isn’t just sales bait, as many are, I do think that you need to be ready for an investment if you decide to get into his exclusive Clickfunnels training. Be prepared to also make less than the numbers he portrays. But if you’re ready to buckle down, invest in yourself, and work through the training thoroughly, then by all means give it a try. The potential is there. 

Will this overtake my number #1 suggestion? No. Wealthy Affiliate is still unmatched for their extensive training and winning support. 

Franklin Hatchett Overview

Name: Super Affiliate Training

Website: I’d start with his YouTube channel here.

Price: Two week free trial with Clickfunnels, then $97/mth*

Owners: Franklin Hatchett 

Overall Rank: 89 out of 100

* you are not obligated to go past the two week trial stage, so the training does not technically cost anything. You are also encouraged to sign up for an autoresponder, which also offers a 30-day free trail, then $15/mth. Again this is not an obligation, and therefore is not classified as a cost for the course.

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  1. This was a great review and Im pleased that you actually like what is being offered by Franklin.  However I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have found that anything I need is right in there.  Anytime I have a question or am looking for some training all I need to do is ask.  I train my group that everything you need is right inside Wealthy Affiliate and that really has worked well for myself and the members who work with me.

    However for those looking for a bit more it is nice to see a review that isnt a scam.


  2. Affiliate marketing has always been a hot and ever green niche that draws all manner of people because of the appeal to make money. 

    To be frank, I’ve not come across franklin Hatchett but this review has done justice to his personality. Offering a super affiliate training that is free gives an assured security. Easy to follow means anybody who enlists can plugin immediately. Though the funnels trials isn’t a bad thing since its just 14 days and u can cancel.

    For me he doesn’t seem to be a scam because everything is openly stated no hidden charges or fees.

  3. Hi! Thank you very much for sharing your experience using Franklin Hatchett’s training with all of us! I have come across some of Franklin Hatchett’s videos on youtube and must admit he does offer value in every video.

    It’s nice to know beforehand that he is not a spammer. But it’s also nice to know in which areas he is lacking.

    Since his training is technically free, I think I’ll try it. Thanks for preparing us to be aware of him pushing us concerning the autoresponder and the ClickFunnels.

  4. Hi:

    Is Nice to have references on afilliate marketing gurus. This training services are not cheap and they end up to be a leap of faith.

    This way you know you’re not the Only one to have jumped.

    This kind of reviews makes the Reader more prepared to what to expect when subscribing to this service.

    Thanks on the wonderfull review.

  5. Hey, many thanks for this review. You’ve written in a very easy to understand style and you’ve also covered the points that help me determine whether or not to look further into an affiliate platform.

    There is so much out there and I spent 6 months making mistakes myself. Its very nice to see people such as yourself putting non biased reviews online to help newcomers make useful and empowering decisions!



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