As a business owner, one of your biggest concerns should be your online presence. Social Media is here to stay, and you need to brand yourself. A little while back, I wrote an article about the importance of Facebook to your business. Well I am about to tell you about a brand new product being released January 5th by the legendary Mario Brown. Let’s dive into my FB SociCake Overview, and make 2019 your most profitable year yet, but hurry because this price probably won’t last (seriously).

FB SociCake Review

Name: SociCake
Price: $47 (possible early bird discount if you act quickly)
Owners: Mario Brown & Ifiok Nkem
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100

FB SociCake Overview of the Product

SociCake is an all-in-one suite made to help you streamline your Facebook efforts, gain followers, improve engagement, and help your business. I say all-in-one because it’s actually a software bundle of ten tools for the price of one. Hopefully, you have reached this page early because they are offering early bird discounts that will expire FAST! 

Another cool feature about this launch is the commercial licensing option. This will allow the buyer to use the software to offer services to other local businesses. The software for personal use is already a great investment. I think business owners often underestimate the benefits of using Facebook as a marketing tool, but also as a way to connect to their clients and potential clients. 

Add in the ability to possibly make thousands by offering Facebook services to business, then you really have something amazing and worth it’s salt. My point is, if you’re a business owner, then great, this tool is for you. If you’re not, but you want to get in the world of offering freelancing services or looking to break into the marketing field, this tool might just be your newest must have software. 

What Is Included In The FB SociCake Bundle

FB SociCake Messenger Bot

#1 Messenger Bot Builder

Facebook Messenger is one of the most used apps on the market today, and it is growing in popularity in terms of advertising and business use. In a research report by Oracle, 800 decision makers from around the world were surveyed regarding emerging technologies. 80% of them stated that, by the year 2020, they were planning on chatbots as part of their marketing strategy. Seems like word is getting around that consumers are beginning to be more interested in receiving Facebook Messages than emails. 

Right now is the time to get in on the chatbot hype. SociCake’s Bot Builder allows you to create automatic conversation flows for your visitors. With this tool you can schedule out how you want to communicate with your audience. Use this to deliver valuable content, which will in turn drive traffic to your business or website. The amazing thing about automation is, like email marketing, you are able to build relationships turning your contacts into leads, and your leads into sales. Facebook is a main tool for advertisers already, but bots are still relatively new, making this low competition avenue very valuable. 

#2 Messenger Broadcasting

We just went into the benefits of Facebook Messenger, but on top of the value of a chatbot, there is the value in the broadcast. When people visit your page, they are potential clients. When they leave, you can lose that business forever. You are leaving money on the table. With Messenger Broadcasting, you can reach out to those who have visited and engaged with your page, allowing you to continue nurturing that relationship. Before you know, you can have a new client who will stick with you wherever you go. 

FB SociCake Comment Bot

#3 Comment Bot 

When people comment on your Facebook post, they are looking for engagement. No one wants to comment on the post and be left feeling invisible or unheard. We know you care about your visitors. With automated responses you can reply, either publicly or privately, to their comment based on specific keywords or phrases. Imagine how much time you can save with this feature! This will free you up to really work on creating a quality page that attracts visitors without hesitation. 

FB SociCake Content Designer

#4 FB Ads & Content Designer

Facebook Ads are not going anywhere. Many people still use Facebook ads to increase engagement, but with all these advertisers, how are you supposed to make yourself stand out? The Ads and Content Designer has over 1,000 templates for your FB post, timeline cover, FB ads, and more. On top of that there are over 450k viral quotes to attract the attention of the Facebook visitor. You are not alone if you feel intimidated by the professionally designed Facebook pages out there. I’m no web designer myself, so I understand the fear of having to do it all yourself. Thankfully, with this tool, that will not be the case. Design a beautiful Facebook page with no design experience. 

FB SociCake Post Creator

#5 Rich Post Editor

Rich posts are the newest way to get the edge on the average boring Facebook posts. Millionaire entrepreneur Russell Brunson knows that rich posts encourage engagement on each of his posts, take a note from him. By adding a different text style to your posts, even emojis, you are enticing your visitors to take action on your posts. In turn, this is seen as value and creativity. A big plus for potential clients to see you think outside of the box. 

FB SociCake Post Manager

#6 Post Manager

This is a time saving tool on so many levels. You can create and schedule several types of posts across several Facebook pages and accounts all from one dashboard. This tool also makes it incredibly easy to incorporate a call to action button on an average post (not an ads post only), and everyone knows that a call to action is one of the best ways to boost visits to your website. The post manager alone is such a great tool for the Facebook marketer trying to be as productive as possible. 

FB SociCake Clickable Images

#7 Clickable Images

It’s great having a call to action on your page, but what if you could turn your images into the call to action, and in a way that is so simple and efficient, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it this whole time. Many people are so skilled at posting beautiful images on their page, but the only way to direct potential clients to your site is to add a link to the image description. When someone clicks on the image, all they get is a larger version of the image. But with Clickable Images, they’re attracted to the picture, they click, and they’re directed to your target URL. This can be such a beneficial traffic driving tool. 

FB SociCake Fan Inviter

#8 FB Fan Inviter 

This tool will invite everyone that liked a specific post to your fan page. This has the potential to being the newest growth hacking tool for your fan page. Let’s say you have a post that goes viral. It’s very likely that there will be many people who will like the post without visiting and liking your page. Don’t leave money on the table. Make the most of your posts by gaining followers along the way. 

FB SociCake Optin Link

#9 Optin Link

This is a one-click lead capture platform. The usual landing page with an optin form is effective only when the person enters a real email and name. Unfortunately, a growing number is entering false information. This helps no one. This link allows you to connect with the potential client with one click. The platform syncs with fifteen popular autoresponders, allowing you to deliver value to a real person, not just another fake email. 

#10 FB Livecast Engine

Facebook live is a great engagement tool for your audience. With this tool you are able to prerecord a video, and broadcast is on the Facebook live system. You don’t even need to be logged in during the livestream, it all operates from the cloud. I’ll share a little story with you:

A marketing mentor that I followed once offered a livestream session where he wanted to share his top five tips for freelancers. Last minute, he decided to go on vacation with his girlfriend. That’s great, he probably needed a vacation, but he wanted to be a man of his word and go with the live session anyway. The problem was, he was in a different country with a less-than-great internet connection. It was a half hour of him trying to offer tips, but getting cut off, lagging video, and spotty audio. It was frustrating. If he had this tool, he would have been able to record everything before his conversation, and enjoy his vacation without worrying about breaking his promise. A lot of people scheduled time to watch his livestream. Imagine their disappointment when they had to wait another week for him to try again when he got home. 

I know what you’re thinking though. If it isn’t really live, then how was he able to answer questions. He didn’t answer questions anyway! It wasn’t absolutely necessary for him to even be live. A pre-recorded session would’ve saved time, provided value, and kept his audience just as happy (if not happier).

Use FB SociCake For Business

My Final Opinion of FB SociCake 

There is so much excitement surrounding this launch. It still needs to be time-tested in my opinion, which is why it got a less than perfect score, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be seeing many success stories in the very near future. Perhaps even yours. Get yours today, while the iron is hot, and be on the leading edge of the most powerful tool of all, Facebook. I Urge You To JUMP On This Before The Price Goes Up!

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Check Out This In-Depth Demo Of SociCake

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  1. After reading this article I’m convinced that it worth giving it a try although I’ve been looking for a way to promote my business online and I think I have seen the perfect way to do it now.Thanks for recommending FB SociCake, with all your explanations I think I won’t regret making a purchase.

  2. This FB SociCake is quite epic. It’s something I’ll be seriously looking into for both of my niche businesses. I love the fact that it’s all about Facebook, which I routinely tend to neglect. I’ve always been more of the Twitter/Pinterest type but Facebook is the king of social media marketing and branding. The reason I’ve never used Facebook often is what you’ve pointed out; the ads, post designs, clickable images, the whole nine yards, when I do them, they just look too amateur. With this SociCake, anyone in my own dilemma will finally get an edge on the competition. I can’t wait until this is out. I clicked through and it said something like three more days. Thank you for sharing this. I’m bookmarking and placing it into my Favorites tab. 

    1. I couldn’t agree more! This tool makes it easier for everyone to be a marketing pro. I’m thrilled you took the time to read my FB SociCake Overview

  3. This looks and sounds like a very cool tool for the future.  I am just getting into using FB for business and this sounds like it would be a worthwhile tool to invest in.  Is the price for an annual subscription or outright purchase?  I think I am going to look into this further and really think about it over next day.

    Thanks for the review and possible investment opportunity.

    1. One time cost 🙂 Hopefully you find Facebook as a useful tool for your business! Thanks for taking the time to read my FB SociCake Overview

  4. This is a great tool to boost my fb ads hustle. This is the first time I’m seeing this kind of tool. Technology will not kill us of great innovations everyday. Massive audience is the primary purpose of any ads and this tool is looking very promising. I need to look deeper into this product and see how I’m going to use it push my ecommerce business to next level next year. 

  5. Thank you for this great review about Facebook SociCake.

    After I read your review I found interesting, what this tool can offer for our business. I’m been trying to leverage facebook, and with this tool, I will be able to do it.

      I really like  the FB live cast engine,since I been trying to get a tool where I can record my videos, for this Live cast engine  I will give it a try.

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. FB SociCake business tool, sounds like a dessert. Seriously though, if this brand new marketing tool put out by Facebook is as good for a marketing business as the author says it is, it could be the “icing on the cake” for any growing business to save valuable time. And all business people, just starting or well entrenched, know the value of time. This is a well-written article, each feature of the marketing tool (there are 10) is explained briefly and succinctly. What each tool will do for the business is well defined. If Face Book is part of your marketing plan, you need to read this article.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! And I agree, sounds like a yummy dessert!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my FB SociCake Overview

  7. FB SociCake certainly appears to be a viable option tool for marketers.

    Anything that helps with traffic to your website is awesome.

    It’s good to get comments back on Facebook because that’s what you want, social interaction on the internet.And to have clickable images, can be a very beneficial traffic tool as well.

    I never knew that these existed.Getting traffic is vital to the success of a website.

    So these are all included in FB SociCake?How much are the upsells?

    1. There are 4 upsells, including a pro version, a marketing kit, and a full licensing, meaning you get to rebrand the software. But honestly, the front end product is amazing already, this guy knows about value

      I’m glad you took the time to go over my FB SociCake Review

  8. This is a great review of what looks like it will be a game changer for 2019. 

    Facebook should be a big part of your marketing but to be able to automate so much of it will be such a time saver.

    thank you for taking the time to write such a great review.  i have completely read your review.  now Im going to take a closer look but I really think its something all marketers need


    1. Thanks for stopping by Dale! I definitely agree that this is the game changer of 2019!

      I’m so thrilled that you took the time to read my FB SociCake Overview

  9. Interesting article about the bot messaging concept.  Being still new to the effort of Internet Marketing, I have a lot to learn, and your article is one more of those lessons I just started taking.  Based on what I read, FB SociCake sounds like a potential tool in my toolkit; I’ll be sure to add it in.  I will also be referring back to it, for additional insight.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wow that means a lot Hugo! I’m glad I was able to shed a little light on the messenger bot revolution. Best of luck to you and your business endeavors!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my FB SociCake Review.

  10. It is getting released on January 5th?   Yeah…that is today.   As a business owner, I have been dragging my feet about using Facebook to promote my business.   Yet, the FB SociCake tool sounds like it would take care of some of my concerns.   The FB ads, content editor and rich post editor are the three features that I would most benefit from.   And the clickable images.    

     I am not so sure that I necessarily like the opt in link’s features.  If some one does not want to give me their real email address, I respect that.   That tells me that I have not won them over.  That knowledge is more valuable to me than having people on my list that do not really want to be on my list.     Yet, if I am reading your review correctly, we are not required to use all of the features included?     Thanks in advance. 

    1. Hey Sondra! They are ten separate tools, so you’re not required to use them all. I will say that the opt in link feature allows them to turn down giving you their email, so when they do opt in it’s because they wanted to 🙂 I completely agreed with your outlook, so I looked into it too because I don’t want anyone on my list that doesn’t want to be there for sure!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my FB SociCake Overview!

  11. The FB socicake sounds like it is ideal for someone who wants to outsource their social media. The only reservation I have with the FB socicake is the auto chat as I prefer to engage with visitors personally.

    I would like to know that the autoresponder functions as well as it’s supposed to.


    1. I can understand that Darren. Thankfully the other nine tools already provide so much value for the price.

      Thanks for checking out my FB SociCake Review.

  12. Facebook can play an important role in an online business. It is a social media medium that a lot of people neglect and in turn miss out on sales. It is a platform whereby you can easily engage with your audience and increase the level of trust in your brand or website. 

    A lot of us are amateurs when it comes to making use of Facebook to increase the reach of our businesses. There are a lot of things to do with Facebook that I don’t know about. With the large number of audience some of us own, engaging with them can be tasking which is why I really liked that the FB SociCake had the chatbox because it can be of great help by helping us automate some messages we send to our audience.

    Running ads the right way in facebook is another problem some of us experience in not knowing the right words to use to attract people to click on our ads. I think it is cool that this software has this feature. I would like to get my hand on this as the price is still low. Thanks for the recommendation

    1. I completely agree Jay. It’s hard to get going with social media sometimes. Sydney and I here at Theproductivepineapple are still getting off the ground with it because of how time consuming it can be. FB SociCake is going to help so much with that. Thank’s for checking out my FB SociCake Review.

  13. Thank you for your review of FB SociCake.

    I have just started my Facebook business page. I am not familiar with Facebook business page yet. I will need to add in more information for my page.

    FB Socicake looks like a great tool for business. I have to look into it for more details.

    Is the cost one-time subscription? Any free trial?

    1. Hey Christine! As of right now it is a one time cost for the bundle, and until 4pm(Easter standard time) today it’s even cheaper due to the early bird special. But the owner has said that in the future he may Change it to a recurring subscription because of how valuable it is, so I’d act fast.

      There is no free trial, but there is a risk free 30-day money back guarantee. Glad you liked the FB SociCake Review. Best of luck on your Facebook endeavor.

  14. Thanks for the information on FB SociCake. There are so many things to keep track up when it comes to Social Media that it’s nice to have everything in one place. Plus more and more people are online that might not be the most “tech savvy” and this would be able to help them out as well.

    The LiveCast is great for beginners that are scared to do a Facebook Live. That can give them the confidence to work toward doing real lives.

    Thanks again for the review.

    1. Hey Nancy thanks for reading my FB SociCake Overview. I agree about the Live Cast. I myself worry so much about being live, so I’m so excited to use this tool.

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