If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, marketing specialist, or if you’re just looking to make money online, chances are you need your website right there in front of everyone. Google wants to help them find you, but if you’re not providing what it wants, it might just show up and ask “what about quality content?” Google wants to be your friend, but they expect you to be a good friend too.

Someone has a problem, you might just have the solution. What you need is for them to search for the solution, and find you. I do it all the time. Just today I had to google something about baby food, and as a mother, I spend half my life on Google and YouTube. (We’ll get into YouTube later.)

Here is my point: I use Google, you probably use Google. I buy things online, you probably buy things online. Right? So what if we could take just a tiny percentage of the millions of people using Google and spending money online, and direct them to our site and our solutions?

Content Is King

When you poke around online trying to find the secret sauce for website traffic, you’re going to find a lot of so-called experts telling you SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the way to Google’s heart. While yes, SEO is important and should be considered, it’s so important not to get hung up on that.

Should you still take the time to learn about it? Absolutely. But don’t focus on that and nothing else, you will drive yourself mad. One thing I’ve learned through my #1 training platform is the fact that there are real people on the other side, looking for answers. People are buying, but they aren’t a bunch of SEO robots. They are parents, students, crafters, people like you and I. Treat them as such.

The bottom line is simple: content is King. But SEO and Content can work together in perfect harmony to bring your website up the ranks to where you really want to be. I guess you can say SEO is the Queen.

The Price for Bad or No Content

Google is getting wise to the tactics of the spammy online marketer. This includes low quality content, keyword stuffing, and the misuse of links. As the algorithms of Google change, they are learning to punish these tactics. The Search Engine Journal says this about Content and SEO:

“At their best, they form a bond that can catapult any website to the top of search engine rankings. But that’s only when they’re at their best. Because, when they’re at their worst, they can cause Google penalties that are near impossible to recover from.”

A Google penalty is there waiting for those people who think they’re going to make a full-time income by copying article, or writing just enough to stuff a bunch of keywords hoping to make a sale through their affiliate links. Don’t fall into these traps, or the same is coming for you.

Like I said earlier, Google wants you to be a good friend. When you need help, you want to call up a good friend and have them give you quality help. Even if they themselves don’t have the answer, they will help you find the answer. If you called up a friend and all they did was repeat the same phrases over and over again and tried to sell you something with each sentence, I bet you’d eventually cut them off. Search engines are the same and they will cut you off if you’re not providing quality content.

Can You Dream Up An Idea?

The most amazing thing about the Internet, in my opinion, is the endless opportunity of what you can put out there! You can write about pretty much anything. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, and you get deep into the training, you’ll soon realize that there are affiliate programs for almost any subject. This means that you can potentially make money writing about something that you genuinely enjoy, making it less of a hassle and more of a dream job!

What does this have to do with quality content? The more you like a subject, the more you can write about it in depth, with heart, and give it true quality. Think about your favorite subject. Got it? Okay. Now think about the last time you talked about it with a friend, how long did you talk about it? Half hour? An hour? Did you even realize that you were talking that long? Probably not!

The same with writing! If it’s a subject you love, you can probably write about it without a break and you eventually realize that you wrote several paragraphs packed with information and perhaps even answers to questions held by those learning about the subject. Before you know it, you have an article beaming with quality content, and google will love you for it.

You Can Write About Anything

Now let’s say you’re more like me. My mind is everywhere most of the time and I love a lot of little things. As I mentioned earlier, and I probably mention a lot in other articles, I’m a parent to an awesome little boy. It’s just the one kid, and before I had him, I knew nothing about parenting. He’s still a baby, but even at this point I feel like I could write a whole book about my experiences so far. Is that because I’m an expert parent? Far from it!

What’s my point here? You do not need to be an expert when you decide to write about a subject, because you can learn almost anything. With proper research, you can find a way to write about any subject, any product, anything! When I started my online journey, I wasn’t a chef, and yet there I went writing about food, drinks, cooking, and recipes!

If you have something you want to write about but it’s not your “passion” or your expertise, don’t be intimidated. Go for it, and before you know it, you’ll be writing articles full of quality content outlining what you’ve learned.

Let the Pen Loose

We’ve discussed the importance of quality content when it comes to ranking on Google, what happens when quality falls to the wayside, and a couple of ways you can get started writing content that will help you on your financial journey.

Making money online is a science, but it’s not a hard one. If you want to learn about it with me, then I suggest you start with this training. There is a free version where you’ll get a little bit less than the Premium version, but you honestly still get so much, including your first website and ten whole valuable lessons on getting started. The sky is the limit, let’s go!

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