2019 is here, which means the New Years resolutions are flying around like crazy. Lose weight, start a business, stop smoking, go outside more, etc. All of these are great (seriously though, if you smoke, please stop), but how can you really make this the best year yet? Setting realistic small goals. Let’s talk about goal-setting, and go into some personal goal examples.

Structure Your Goals

To be completely honest, I’ve join the club and said things like “this year I’m going to lose a ton of weight and it’s going to solve all my problems.” I believe it was 2011 when I lost 40 pounds, but guess what? The problems stayed.

Does that mean I think losing weight is not a good goal? Or do I regret having lost that weight? No and definitely not. What I’m saying is, I made that goal at the beginning of the year, and it consumed me for months. There was no structure to my goal. It was simply “lose weight.”

I’m a goal-oriented person, so I did whatever I could to lose that weight. I stayed home instead of going out to eat with my friends, I went for two hour long walks on top of the hour I’d spend at the gym, I’d skip breakfast (even sometimes dinner), and my weight was all I thought about all day.

Did I lose the weight? Yes, but did I sacrifice my quality of life for it? Also yes. Goals need to have structure. Maybe if I would’ve said “I’m going to eat clean for at least 60 days” or “I’m going to work out once a day,” then I still would’ve felt accomplished, while losing some weight along the way.

Personal Goal Examples With Structure:

“January I’m going to cut out fast food”

“February I’m going to ease up on carbs”

“March I’m going to go on a nature walk at least twice a week”

Show Your Goals Some Positivity

Most times when people set goals for themselves, their reasoning involves some sort of negativity. For instance, “I’m going to lose weight because I hate being fat.” (Just to be clear, I do not condone that kind of talk, I 100% believe in body positivity and am simply using this as an example taken from my own personal past and experience) Another example would be something like “I’m going to plan out my week better because I’m lazy”

This type of goal-setting is counter intuitive and may set you up for failure. In essence you are saying that you need to set a goal to change because you’re not good enough. The danger here is having the fact that some type of negativity will always be stuck with that goal. Subconsciously, you will constantly be hearing that negative talk every time you set out to reach that goal. Try a Little Positivity.

Personal Goal Examples With Positivity:

“Even though I’m perfectly fine the way I am, I’m going to work on eating healthier so I have more energy to do the things I love”

“I’m going to try a new skincare routine because who doesn’t love an awesome summer glow”

“I’m going to work on planning ahead so I can spend more time with my family relaxing and doing what we love”

Goals With An End Date

Personally, I think that planning a goal with an end date helps you have something to look forward to. You may think this won’t apply to all goals because there are some that you want to keep going and going, like an energizer bunny goal. But I believe you can still apply this guideline.

For instance, let’s say you have a goal to eat healthier, and of course you want that to be forever. One way, you can “set an end date” is to give yourself milestones. So I want to stick to this way of eating at least until the end of the month, as the end of the month approaches you extend it because you know you can keep going, and you continue extending it until you don’t have to think about milestones or you can make them longer.

Remember to celebrate reaching each milestone. If it’s a healthier diet, I don’t suggest celebrating with cake haha, maybe a new outfit! By following this method, you may discover strength that will continue fueling your goal through each milestone!

Personal Goal Examples With An End Date:

“I’m going to blog every other day for the rest of the month”

“I’m going to eat strictly keto until February 15th”

“I’m going to start every morning with positive affirmations for the next 30 days”

On With the Goal Planning

I believe in goal setting, and it’s ability to help each and every one of us with self improvement. However, I also have been in situations where the method I used to set goals only sabotaged me, leaving me worse off than when I began. The way you do it is so important. So be sure to lookout for yourself in the process!

What are some goals you have set for yourself to make this year the best one yet?

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